Powering Texas

The needless environmental assault on our energy production has reached a critical point.  The EPA, following orders from the Obama Administration, is attacking all sectors of the energy industry and economy leading to higher gas prices and the growing possibility of brownouts.

There are real consequences to basing environmental policy on politics rather than facts or science.  Energy policy doesn’t have to be complicated.  It can be summed up with one short phrase – “All of the Above”.  An All of the Above approach integrates traditional and alternative energy sources to create power that’s dependable and affordable.

We need to continue exploring for domestic sources of oil and gas. It is and should remain an important component to any viable energy plan. Our economy, especially here in Texas, is based on affordable oil and gas.

We should also stop ignoring proven energy sources such as nuclear power, which can produce massive amounts of energy with low emissions.

At the same time we should continue supporting new sources of energy. Republicans propose preserving the environment for the next generation by developing new technologies like clean coal, solar, wind and hydro energy.

I support a strategy that is simple – more energy, additional jobs, and a cleaner environment.

To achieve that plan, I am working toward several goals:

  • Stop government policies that are driving up gas prices
  • Expand American energy production to lower costs and create more jobs
  • Promote an “all the above” strategy to increase all forms of American energy

Let’s continue to develop alternative energy, mixing it with traditional power sources so we can keep the lights on and our cars moving without putting the brakes on our economy.

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