National Security

The reality of our world today is one of constant terror threats and plots against the United States. We must therefore do all we can to give our military the resources and technology it needs to fulfill its mission, anywhere on the globe. The last seven years have left us weakened and we must do all we can to push back on the president’s strategy of “leading from behind.”

The rise of ISIS and other radical Islamic terror groups underscore the dangers we face. As your representative, I will continue to hold the president accountable and demand a strategy to eliminate these threats. Today’s threats are not just on the ground but also on the web. I support a much stronger approach to cyber security and have been a leading voice against cyber terrorism. I will continue my work to prevent terrorists – and other nations -- from disseminating their messages, recruiting online, and attempting to disrupt our nation’s economy and security through electronic attacks.

As I have said many times before, Congress’ primary responsibility is to keep Americans safe. At its core that means we must secure our border. Through physical barriers, drone technology and increased National Guard presence I will continue this push.

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