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National Security

The reality of our world today is one of constant terror threats and plots against the United States. We must therefore do all we can to give our military the resources and technology it needs to fulfill its mission, anywhere on the globe. The last seven years have left us weakened and we must do…
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Repeal & Replace Obama Care

The battle to repeal and replace ObamaCare isn’t easy, but it is a fight we will eventually win. Through my work at the Energy and Commerce Committee, we have removed many parts of this law but will not stop until the job is done. This trillion dollar job-killing, care-rationing, tax-raising law is proving itself to…
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Powering Texas

The needless environmental assault on our energy production has reached a critical point.  The EPA, following orders from the Obama Administration, is attacking all sectors of the energy industry and economy leading to higher gas prices and the growing possibility of brownouts. There are real consequences to basing environmental policy on politics rather than facts…
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Protecting Kids Online

Protecting Kids Online The Internet has transformed into an invaluable educational, research, and entertainment tool, but with the good comes the bad. I believe that every American has the right to choose what they believe to be best for themselves and their children.  Often in our digital world this right is lost because your personal…
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