Congressman Joe Barton received the 2016 Republican Primary endorsement from the Dallas Morning News

But he has unquestionably learned how Congress works — and how to make it work in service of his priorities.

Recent proof? When the House passed a bill last year to end the decades-old crude oil export ban, Barton’s fingerprints were everywhere...


The House is full of members who vote on bills certain to never become law, and somehow claim victory. Barton knows that victory is measured in the bills that pass.


NRA Endorses Joe Barton for Re-Election

Based on your consistent and proven voting record on Second Amendment issues in the U.S. House of Representatives, you have earned an 'A' rating from NRA-PVF for this primary election. An "A" rating is reserved for a solidly pro-gun legislator who has supported NRA positions on key votes and issues

Joe Barton Endorsement

Texas Alliance for Life

The Texas Alliance for Life has endorsed Congressman Barton based on his support for pro-life issues, including prohibiting tax funding of abortions and limiting the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act so that abortion providers do not receive Medicaid funds.

EPIC Electronic Privacy Information Center

Congressman Barton received EPIC’s Champion of Freedom Award.

“EPIC is a public interest research center. It was established in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging civil liberties and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values.” from www.epic.org

NFIB National Federation of Independent Business

Congressman Barton has been designated a Guardian of Small Business by the NFIB.

“The National Federation of Independent Business is the leading small business association representing small and independent businesses. NFIB’s mission is to promote and protect the right of our members to own, operate and grow their businesses.” from www.nfib.com

Texas Hospital Association

Congressman Barton has received an endorsement from THA and HOSPAC.

“I am pleased to advise “HOSPAC”, in conjunction with the Texas Hospital Association (THA), has endorsed your candidacy for re-election to the 6th Congressional District. Dr. Stephen Mansfield, President, Methodist Health System, John Phillips, President, Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, and I were proud to recommend to HOSPAC their endorsement of you. Congratulations and thank you for all that you do to represent our country, this region and Methodist Health System.” Dan Eddy, Vice President, External Affairs, Methodist Health System.

Washington Literacy Council

The Washington Literacy Council heralded Congressman Barton as a Champion for Literacy.

“What began as a grassroots organization in a church basement is now a small but growing nonprofit serving approximately 150 students with the help of dedicated volunteer tutors and small group instructors. We are committed to innovation through finding and implementing best practices for teaching basic literacy to adults.” from www.washingtonliteracycouncil.org

Disabled American Veterans

Congressman Barton has received a 100% rating from the Disabled American Veterans organization.

“The DAV’s 1.2 million members provide grassroots advocacy and services in communities nationwide. From educating lawmakers and the public about important issues to supporting services and legislation to help disabled veterans, the DAV is there to promote its message of hope to all who have served and sacrificed.” from www.dav.org

Concerned Women for America

Congressman Barton has received a 100% rating from Concerned Women for America.

“CWA is a unique blend of policy experts and an activist network of people in small towns and big cities across the country working to address mutually held goals and concerns. The vision of CWA is for women and like-minded men, from all walks of life, to come together and restore the family to its traditional purpose and thereby allow each member of the family to realize their God-given potential and be more responsible citizens.” from www.cwfa.org

Americans for Prosperity

Congressman Barton has received a 100% rating from Americans for Prosperity.

“AFP is an organization of grassroots leaders who engage citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state, and federal levels. The grassroots activists of AFP advocate for public policies that champion the principles of entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint.” from www.americansforprosperity.org

Keep America Safe

Congressman Barton has received a 100% rating from Keep America Safe.

“Keep America Safe believes the United States can only defeat our adversaries and defend our interests from a position of strength. Keep America Safe seeks to influence public policy by encouraging dialogue between American citizens and their elected representatives in order to produce legislation and executive action that enhances the national security of the United States.” from www.keepamericasafe.com

American Security Council Foundation

Congressman Barton has received a 100% rating from the American Security Council Foundation.

“The mission of the American Security Council Foundation is to promote the necessity of maintaining military, economic and diplomatic strength. The ASCF has been credited many times with developing programs and strategies which were eventually adopted as the foreign policy and national security strategy of the United States.” from www.ascfusa.org

National Association for the Self-Employed

Congressman Barton has received a 100% rating from the National Association for the Self-Employed.

“The NASE represents hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and micro-businesses, and is the largest nonprofit, nonpartisan association of its kind in the United States. The NASE feels that rather than adding to the burden of compliance faced by micro-business taxpayers through increased regulations, the goal should be to simplify the tax regulations.” from www.nase.org

Christian Coalition of America

Congressman Barton has received a 100% rating from the Christian Coalition of America.

“The Coalition is a political organization, made up of pro-family Americans who care deeply about ensuring that government serves to strengthen and preserve, rather than threaten, our families and our values.” from www.cc.org

Family Research Council

Congressman Barton has received a 100% rating from the Family Research Council.

“Since 1983, Family Research Council (FRC) has advanced faith, family and freedom in public policy and public opinion. FRC shapes public debate and formulates public policy that values human life and upholds the institutions of marriage and the family.” from www.frc.org

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